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whats up! i'm chris jerome james (you can call me cj, ceej, rasta man, or any other cool nicknames you can think of. i'm a brentwood, essex based videographer. i started filmmaking in my early teens, filming music videos for friends. Since then i've taken my craft to the next level, working on various projects and striving to create the highest quality visuals for my clients!

over the years i have worked on many projects such as directing music videos, filming fashion commercials, and more recently weddings!  i'm super passionate about capturing those special moments for you so do get in touch so we can have a chat! 

as i said i'm based in the uk but will travel anywhere to get creative!
between now and may 2023 i have plans to be in uk, bali (indonesia) and australia (melbourne, sydney, western australia) but am also taking booking all around europe.


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