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"This is the BEST decision we made in respect of suppliers and things we wanted for our wedding. We received our wedding video last week, and we love every single thing about it! Chris is attentive and efficient, right from the start at enquiry stage, and they became part of the party on the wedding day itself - the guests loved them!"

- Aimee and Ryan Marder

why do you need a wedding videographer?

I always hear stories of brides regrets of their wedding day, and the one I hear a lot it; I wish we got a videographer! And this makes me sad. Everyone deserves to relive their big day with am awesome film!

Many could seem to prioritise photography and take a back seat on the videography. And not to sh*t on photographers, (sorry photogs) BUT there is so much more emotion and realness that comes from seeing a moving image and audio as apposed to a still. Which is why it's so great to have both! But it's important you find the right one for you. My approach is pretty laid back and capturing more candid wedding videography in more of a documentary style.
Don't you want to hear your vows and the speeches your friends and family made on the day? The correct answer is hell to the yeah!

my style

Right listen up.. I don't do cheese! (unless it's vegan) No cringe poses with boring lovey dovey music over the top. It's not 2008 anymore. If you're into a film that's more modern, energetic and unique then lets go I'm here for it! My films have energy, and some emosh moments at the right time!.. but no 2 wedding films are the same. Every couple is different, therefore I must tailor and personalise every video to suit the couple in question. I love opening my films with something that stood out on the day (usually something fun that shows your personality)
Music choice is something I take such pride in. Choosing a bad song to a wedding film is like murder to me. It really does make or break a film. I will always chose music that suits and reflects the couple and their wedding day. If this is the kind of wedding video you'd love to have the BEST wedding videographer in Essex then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Get in touch!


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